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Usually synonymous with the role of a cute girl in romantic comedy films, Michelle Ziudith now sees the young actress dare to take a somewhat extreme role in her latest series Butterfly Night (2022).

This Indonesian web series managed to grab attention in a few days thanks to its unusual tale of a woman’s double life at night. Apart from that, this rating set is also made specifically for adults because it contains hot scenes that are quite obscene.

This web series, which is also known as Butterfly Tonight, has completed its last episode, namely episodes 7B and 7C which aired on Friday, December 30, 2022. However, discussions regarding this one series are still ongoing due to its final suspension.

Haven’t watched this series yet? Relax, you can stream this latest Indonesian film. However, it’s a good idea to first look at ApkVenue’s full review below.

Summary of the Butterfly Night series, The story of a prostitute who tries to escape from the past

Serial Butterfly tells the story of a woman named Laura (Michelle Ziudith), a university student, and her loving older sister, Dani (Faqih Alaydrus), who is sick.

But at night she had to work hard as a prostitute to feed her younger sister and pay for her schooling because both of her parents had died.

Under the auspices of a pimp named Mommy Rachel (Dinda Kanyadewi), Laura alias Flo becomes the most wanted girl thanks to her good looks.

Nonetheless, it is her policy not to meet with the same client more than once to maintain the confidentiality of her identity. But that doesn’t stop Arief (Lukman Sardi), who is obsessed with her.

Even though she was willing to pay a high price, Laura still tried to avoid Arief. In this case, Laura tries to get out of the night life and moves to Bali.

There he works in a hotel and leads a better life. Laura then meets Raffi (Kenny Austin), a young entrepreneur from Jakarta who is attracted to the beautiful, independent and hardworking Laura.

Gradually, Laura falls in love with Raffi. But everything is threatened when his past returns to track Laura. Including the characters Mama Rachel and Arief.

So how about this new life that Laura built?

Watch the full episode of the film HERE

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